To someday meet that person, Joe...

Even now Isao talks about Joe so cheerfully, but I barely know him.
Back then I was just a kid, and all I could do was watch the four of them from afar.
All I have is just the vaguest memory of those incredibly broad shoulders of his, the other three gathered around him.

I wonder if someday, the day will come when I meet him face to face.
I hear he's in my hometown of Los Angeles.
If Tsukasa says he just has to go, maybe I could go with him...

Ryoya Konoe. It's been six years since he joined the Konoe household.
Ryoya has finally come to accept this name, and to being called the second son of the family.

Coming to accept each other's presences, and living together in the now.
This is the bittersweet "now" of these boys; their chance encounters with friends and family.

Tokyo Boys Story.
Welcome our newest protagonist, as the "now" of these boys who first found each other in Tokyo at long last comes alive.



關於SDGr的身體,VOLKS USA做了如下解説:
A new style in the Super Dollfie world: Super Dollfie Graffiti

The SD Graffiti Boy Body, capturing a singular moment of youthful beauty.
Youth. It's the time when your body starts to mature, and at the same time, you begin to search for yourself.
ZOUKEI-MURA wanted to deliver that transience of youth to you, and so they've expressed it via Super Dollfie!
Be sure to see for yourself the beauty radiating from our new Super Dollfie boys!

Our body, capable of many poses, crossed with the SD Graffiti series!
Since its debut in 2007, the "SD17 Boy Body" has been resoundingly popular as a variety of characters.
That joint structure and body part design has been renewed still further with the SD Graffiti body, designed to be easy for our female SD Owners to handle!

It's totally compatible with the SD13 Boy Body!
The SD Graffiti Boy Body's height and main measurements are very close to the SD13 Boy Body, so they can easily share shoes and outfits. So there's no need for you to worry about their wardrobe!
And that's not all. The wrist and ankle joints are also compatible, so they can also share optional parts.